Durban's Website Design Requirements

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How We Work

Should you wish to accept our quotation, we ask for a 50% deposit. Once that has been received we ask for the draft content for your pages.

Website Development

So we can design the best website to showcase your business promptly, a dynamic relationship should exist between us.

The Development Window

A 'development window' for your website design is allocated. A period of 4 weeks during which time your website receives priority treatment. We cannot guarantee that content received after this window will get priority as a result of pressure from other commissions. We advise all clients to assemble their content before the window opens. Websites are delivered typically within two weeks.

Experience has taught us that websites developed seamlessly during the development window are more effective than those that take longer to complete.


Simply, you 'ask' and we 'do'. Should we see queries in what you request which might compromise your website, we will contact you and you can decide what to do.

We develop the layout, apply the HTML code, skin the website (look and feel), create the pages and populate them. We edit the content to improve readability, comprehension and search profile. We also process your graphics for speed and effect.

Once we have a draft website, we post it to one of our servers for comment and we effect the changes. Once the website is complete, we request the balance of the payment and then publish the website to the final server and check its functionality.

Our Terms

Please note that deposits are non-refundable. Where there are considerable delays (i.e. months) in submitting content, we reserve the right to amend the quotation. And, although we are happy to oblige our clients as far as is possible, any additional work not specifically stated on our quotation may be invoiced separately. Our terms and conditions can be found here.

We take pride in the quality of our websites, speed of our service and attentiveness to our clients. Phone 084 432 5907 or email us for answers to any questions.