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Search Engine Optimization Consulting (SEO)

Marketing websites are there to generate revenue and most do so poorly, like opening a shop and covering the windows. Search engine optimization helps websites achieve a high Google ranking, preferably on the first page. Only 5% of searchers go to the second page.

Our websites' success is because they comply with Google's requirements:

  • Site architecture complies with all Google's recommendations
  • Our content is laid out for maximum effect
  • We edit your content to promote your searchable keyphrases
  • The heading hierachy is that recommended by Google
  • Minimal code is used to promote the site content
  • The 'meta tags' encourage action in the search results

'On page' SEO optimizes the code and content for Google and is usually sufficient in South Africa. 'Off page' SEO encourages external links to your website and is a more complicated procedure. All our websites come 'on page' optimized and are then submitted to our UK partner for 'off page' optimization, free of charge. You can check our clients' current Google positions here. Most receive between 600 and 3,000 visitors monthly.

Can SEO Ensure Success?

Search optimization on its own will not render your website successful. Many highly ranked websites that attract lots of traffic are a nightmare to use so SEO has to coexist with 'usability'.

Usability enhances website content for ease of use in terms of both speed and content. Visitors should be able to retrieve information within two clicks and eight seconds for the website to be usable.

We take pride in the quality of our websites, speed of our service and attentiveness to our clients. Phone 084 432 5907 or email us for answers to any questions.